FAQ for Scout Reference

What services does Scout Reference offer?

Scout Reference specializes in providing comprehensive referencing and social media screening services to help businesses hire with confidence. Our services include verified reference checks and advanced social media screening using machine learning technology.

How does Scout Reference ensure the quality of reference checks?

We combine advanced technology with a professional analytical team to speed up the reference check process while ensuring high quality. Our team tailors questions to each client's needs and provides a polished, finished product ready for presentation.

What makes Scout Reference's social media screening unique? The “RefStorm” Process

Our proprietary RefStorm process (TM) is a blitz of activity moving quickly toward the intel you need on each candidate. Our team works the phones and our software moves at the speed of light to get your questions answered by text and email. Our ninjas package it all up so you get a more refined picture and can make a better decision - FAST. And, it's guaranteed! If you are not happy, your reference check is FREE.

How fast can Scout Reference deliver results?

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality background data on candidates 4x faster than traditional methods, making the reference check process quicker and more efficient for their clients.

What insights do Scout Reference reports provide?

Scout’s comprehensive reference reports offer detailed assessments of each candidate, including valuable scores and feedback. These insights can significantly enhance hiring decisions, combining strong references with thorough screening for hiring success.

How can I get started with Scout Reference?

Interested parties can get started by scheduling a call below to discuss their needs or current Scout package.